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Section 02: FELLOWSHIP, Foundation Level 1d

02 1d: Arrange events for cultivating loving relationships

Talk with those who have the spiritual gifts of hospitality, encouragement and compassion, to urge them to arrange events, parties, sports, dinners, coffee breaks, outings, musical gatherings, anything that enables your people to get to know and love each other on a personal and family basis.

Find in Romans 12 several guidelines to cultivate love and harmony between brothers in Christ.

Find in Leviticus chapters 23 - 27 the nature of the old festivals, and the value for similar sacred seasons and days for God's people today.

2(Optional Documents, to view, download or translate, for additional help)

A. Teach Believers to Love God and Others
B. Let New Leaders Develop Ministries Without Fearing Their Superiors
C. Give New Believers Much Loving Care While They Learn Discipleship
D. Encourage New Believers at Once to Care for the Needy
E. Where There is Poverty Wed Church Planting to Development Work
F. Let the Holy Spirit Harmonize Gift-Based Ministries in Love
G. Select ‘One Another’ Activities that Need Attention
H. Detect Spiritual Gifts by Releasing Leaders to Work With New Congregations or Cells
I. Review the Spiritual Gifts Revealed in the New Testament
J. Detect and Deal with Personal or Family Needs of Small Group Members
K. Keep in Balance Three Vital Components of Disciple making

For the smaller church: Turn Around Strategies for the Small Church, Ron Crandall

Find or set up a Master Calendar and set dates.

For help: Research

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