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Section 03: FOREIGN MISSIONS, Foundation Level 1a

03 1a: Pray for world evangelization, awaken awareness and vision

Organize each group in your church and the congregation as a whole for regular prayer for people who still have never heard the Good News, and for those who go to them.

Find in Luke 10:2 the command of Christ that initiates the whole mission process.

*Find in Genesis 12:1-3 the historical basis for God's plan to extend His kingdom to all nations and people groups.

Find in Psalm 67 what God intends all nations to do.

Find in Matthew 24 (especially verse 14) what happens when we have finished our job.

*Find in Revelation 7:9-12 who will be praising God in glory for all eternity.


* Stories (better, for letting the Word flow from friend to friend)


T&M Student Activity Guide page 21a

To lay a historical foundation for missions, teach missionary biographies. For a popular, easy-to-read survey of the history of missions, use From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya.

For a brief historical introduction, A History of Christian Missions, Stephen Neil.

For communicating the purpose of missions, Leadership Handbooks of Practical Theology, 1992, Editor, James D. Berkley, Volume 2, Section 8

For praying for world missions: Operation World, Patrick Johnstone

Find out who are the "world Christians" among your people, those who pray for neglected people groups.

For help: Research

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