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Section 02: FOREIGN MISSIONS , Pastoral Level 2a

03 2a: A mission action team (committee) coordinates the church's mission work:

Give each group and ministry leader in the church a missions task. Enlist help from doers of all ages for the tasks listed below. Arrange to begin or reemphasize these tasks--perhaps one per month--with the public support of the senior pastor (main elder). Plan to:




*Find in John 4 the vision Jesus wants us to have, for harvesting peoples in other places.

*Find in Matthew 10:5-15 guidelines for visiting and evangelizing (apply the principles to today's circumstances).

Find in Jeremiah 1 in what ways a missionary's commissioning might be similar to God's commissioning of Jeremiah, especially in what Jeremiah was to do and be.

Find in Ephesians 4:11-12 God's promise to give the missionary gift to persons in your church (the word 'apostle' meaning sent one, from Acts 13 on was used mainly for missionaries like Barnabas who were not among the original 12 disciples).


* Stories (better, for letting the Word flow from friend to friend)


T&M Student Activity Guide page 50, 51a

For planning, financing, and promoting local, national and world missions, Leadership Handbooks of Practical Theology, 1992, Editor, James D. Berkley, Volume 2, Section 9

Do an annual assessment and report of your churches and groups in each mission task area.

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