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Section 03: FOREIGN MISSIONS, Advanced Level 3c

03 3c: Train businessmen and bi-vocational workers for hostile areas

Find among members of your church and acquaintances candidates for bivocational ministry.

*Find in Acts 18 an example of a bivocational model (a married couple), and how they discipled a less experienced leader behind the scenes.

Find in Romans 16:3 and 1 Corinthians 16:19 in what other areas besides Corinth they also started house churches.


* Stories (better, for letting the Word flow from friend to friend)

2(Optional Documents, to view, download or translate, for additional help)

Missionary Businessperson's Manual, DES menu library

Learn the marketing and marketable skills of your members, along with their past and present job skills, that might be helpful for mobilizing church planting teams in otherwise 'closed' fields.

For help: Research

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